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Google maps is a new discovery I made a little while ago. It's so much better than Streetmap; you can drag the map around by mouse instead of having to click on links, and it will download new bits as it requires them. And it offers satellite views. And there's a draggable slider for scale. And it seems to cover (at at least some level) the whole of the world.

So me, being me, decided to push the thing to its limits. St Kilda is there (a minute speck of rock way to the west of the Outer Hebrides), and to my amazement, there's actually roads and two settlements listed; I hadn't realised it was inhabited (though according to the website linked to above, it isn't any longer). So too are the Flannan Isles (picture), also in the middle of nowhere and now uninhabited. But it was much to my disappointment that I discovered Rockall was not. How could they fail to feature the most famous inconspicuous spec of rock in the British Isles!?


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