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For the benefit of anyone reading here who is not friends with me on Facebook:

On the first night of Chanukah, I saw lots of people posted on Facebook photos of their lit menorah, which I suppose constitutes one way of פִּרְסוּמֵי נִסָא (publicising the miracle of Chanukah). I wasn't originally going to join in, but then posted the following:
I'm not posting this because everyone else is posting photos of lit menoros, but, as will be obvious to [livejournal.com profile] aviva_m if no one else, because nobody else's features a rabbit.

[Photo of menorah and Jane the soft toy rabbit]

I originally intended that as a one-off, but then things suggested themselves to me:
It's the second night of Chanukah; that means two rabbits. (And two candles.)

[Photo of menorah and rabbits Jane and Bar-Navi]

From then on, the pattern was established. I think the following two are my favourite photos:

[Photo of menorah and three rabbits]

The candles in the above photo are larger, to be lit before Shabbos comes in, and still be burning until half a halachic hour into the night. They're actually the results of my first bout of candle-making, when I was a teenager, and are made from dental wax, courtesy of my father. As you can see, they're all different shapes. The green one is a triangular prism.

[Photo of menorah and four rabbits]

By the fifth night, it was beginning to resemble a Nativity scene:

[Photo of menorah and five rabbits]

That was my last night in Berlin, and I don't have enough rabbits at home to continue, so I asked [livejournal.com profile] aviva_m to continue for me:

[Photo of menorah and six rabbits]

Hmm, the left-most rabbit seems more interested in the camera than the menorah.
Seventh night - and this can only mean one thing:

[Photo of menorah and seven rabbits]

The seventh rabbit is actually a radio; that's why it has things on its toe pads.

And finally:

[Photo of menorah and eight rabbits]

I was intrigued to see what she'd use as the eighth rabbit, since she only has seven (and indeed turned down the opportunity to acquire an eighth on Sunday). Can you see the eighth rabbit? I couldn't, initially! Here's a close-up:


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