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A little while ago was Tu BeAv, on which the Talmud tells us:
The daughters of Jerusalem would go out and dance in the vineyards located on the outskirts of the city. Everyone who didn't have a wife would go there. And what would they say? "Young man, lift up your eyes and choose wisely. Don't look only at physical beauty; look rather at the family: 'For charm is false, and beauty is vanity. A G-d-fearing woman is the one to be praised...'" [Proverbs 31:30]
In modern times, it's become a kind of Jewish Valentine's Day, and Jane the grey rabbit got a Tu BeAv present for Bar-Navi:

[Jane gives present to Bar-Navi]

But what's in the little bag?

[The present contains something in an organza bag]

It's a pair of rabbit tefillin!

[Rabbit tefillin, in their boxes]

First Bar-Navi puts the hand tefillin on:

[Bar-Navi dons the hand tefillin]

(Don't ask how he managed to do the bit involving fingers; it's much like the ITV Digital monkey's problem.)

Then he puts the head tefillin on, which as you can just about see is divided into four compartments:

[Bar-Navi dons the head tefillin]

Though first we had to measure his head, to know to put the knot in the right place. (One is also supposed to put the head tefillin just above the hair-line, which presented a bit of a problem for Bar-Navi.)

[knot of head tefillin]

Bar-Navi reciting the benediction over tefillin:

[Jane gives present to Bar-Navi]

Bar-Navi joins me in saying מִנְחָה:

[Bar-Navi and I daven]

What a proud rabbit!

[livejournal.com profile] aviva_m suggested that now that Bar-Navi had tallis, capel and tefillin, he needed a Torah scroll. "Aaargh, no!" I replied. "If I make him a Sefer Torah, you'll just end up saying he'll need an ark to put it in—and then when I've made him that, a shul for the ark to go in!"


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