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Today I'm going to finish off my Japan blog posts with a few photos that either didn't fit into previous posts, or accidentally got left out of them.

I talked in a previous post about the way Japanese society has (westernised since the Meiji Restoration. Here's a photo showing this concretely, if you'll excuse the pun: Two buildings in the National Museum in Tokyo side by side, one constructed in a traditional Japanese style, and one in western style (click through to view larger):

[2.4.national museum.architecture]

As I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] aviva_m would agree, what every wedding needs is some Japanese wedding rabbit dolls:

[6.2.4.japanese wedding rabbits]

Here's a picture from when we went up Mt Hakone; at the top, there was a shrine, and also a strange boulder field, littered with big concrete blocks reminiscent (to me) of the tank traps put down on the beaches in the UK during the war and still remaining in some remote places (such as Druridge Bay in Northumberland); and also dotted with little piles of stones, the significance of either of which I have no idea about:

[6.2.2.komagatake boulder field]

Here's us at Kegon Falls, Nikko; I didn't post this with my Nikko photos as it's taken until now for me to find out again where this was!


And lastly, no trip to Japan would be complete without a trip to Mt Fuji:

[6.1.2.us and mt fuji from the road]

We went part of the way up the volcano (by bus), but it was raining and there was no real view worth seeing. We did discover, though, that there they sold melon bread (a sweet type of bread) made into the shape of Mt Fuji:

[6.1.3.mt fuji melon bread]

Mt Fuji also provided the perfect backdrop for some farewell to Japan photos from the air on our way out:

[12.farewell to japan]

[12.farewell to japan3]

Well, that's it from Japan. Hope you enjoyed this series of blog posts.

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