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I went back and revisited this graph from my previous post, so that it now shows counts of fiction (purple) and non-fiction (pink). I think there might be some non-fiction missing at the start, and certainly I have not included anything I read for academic purposes, but nonetheless one can see how during my Ph.D. (1996–2000) I felt non-fiction to be a chore, and avoided it; it was only afterwards that I started seriously reading non-fiction.

It's also clear how the proportion of non-fiction in my reading has got much higher in recent years (with the exception of the year before last, which I spent re-reading a whole load of books I'd been intending to reread for years, partly to justify having brought them all from the UK).

I did consider breaking the graph down further into, for example, non-fiction read for entertainment for edification, but the boundaries between them are difficult to determine, so I did not in the end.


Date: 2019-02-10 03:33 am (UTC)
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Interesting. I struggle to even properly imagine having kept consistent records. Confident that highest life reading must have been ages 8-12,1988-92. As an adult reading would have the unfortunate correlate of feeling bad, as reading is the standard comfort activity for me.


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